Conservation Services & Machinery Rental

The District offers services and machinery to benefit conservation efforts in Clinton County.

In 2013, the District purchased a Great Plains No-Till Drill for use by area farmers and landowners to reduce the amount of tillage necessary for seeding pastures, hay fields and cover crops.  In 2021, we purchased a second drill and decided to keep the old drill going to give us more capacity.

No Till Drill Rental                          $15.00/acre

No till Drill (1)

The Clinton County No-Till Drill

Pick Up & Delivery Fee Combined: $30.00

  • Wheatheart Post Pounder  This trailer mounted post pounder was purchased in 2018 and is powered by a Honda motor.  It is the High and Heavy Hitter model and can drive posts that are up to 12” in diameter and 11’10” long.  The drive has a 54” stroke and is very adjustable and easy to use. Weighs over 2,500 pounds and can be used with a truck or tractor. This is a handy tool if you are working alone or don’t have a tractor. Use to build livestock fence for better grazing, fencing out streams, vineyard or orchard trellis posts.
  • Rental fee will be $25/day with 2 day minimum or $125/week
  • Proof of insurance will be required
  • contact District for more details
  •  800 Gallon Hydroseeder is available for conservation seeding.  It can be an economical way to cover large areas, or sites where traditional seeding is difficult.  $250 per tank includes 1 operator, conservation mix seed, mulch, & fertilizer  We can assist with recommendations.
  • 1 tank full will do about 1/4 acre.
    Hyroseeder in action

    Hyroseeder in action

  • An 8′ Aerway pasture and field aerator available

Research & Technical Assistance Fee:           $40.00/hour  $20.00 minimum

Tile Layout:                                      $150 min, $.05 per foot

Hydro Seeding                                $.00/tank

Tree Trucking:                                $7.00 per bag

Soil Testing:                                  $18/sample for Agro-One basic test

  •    Sampling can be done by technician if AEM participant.

Returned Check Fee:  $50

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